This week we tried something a little different. We did an interview ahead of the show and then broadcasted in live. I know that we pride ourselves on being live but this one worked out because I was so excited to have Zander Keig on the show but our livestream didn’t fit his schedule.

With Freddy being out sick, it was just me. We started with a brand new intro but still having me forget about the mute button. Ha ha. The new intro and outro are voiced by Ben Patrick Johnson — a voice to the movie trailers and much more. Before the interview, I revisited the benefits of having orgasms in celebration of National Orgasm Day. Many of you were on board and excited to celebrate. Hehe.

We eventually got around to the interview with Zander Keig, who is a social worker from Southern California now residing in Orlando, Florida. A social worker with a past that would lead itself to being a challenge and him having his “a-ha” moment which changed the course of his life and lead the road where he found ambition, his authentic self and a career full of achievements, accolades, and yet still be a modest and humble person.

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