Bills, bills, bills — oh what’s this? Yesterday, I received my RippleBriefs package in the mail. It’s their free weekly delivery service. This week, I was particularly overwhelmed because it has a bit of Let’s Have A Fefe with Felica “Fefe” Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming flavor in this package. Yasss! Thanks to the RipplePHX team for that!

What else is in the package? Let’s see:

  • Two pairs of RipplePHX brand sunglasses
  • A mermaid pen (super cute!)
  • A RipplePHX brand phone stand
  • Some candies (I’ll have to hide that — hehe.)
  • A RipplePHX sticker
  • A RipplePHX Loteria sticker
  • Two pods with condoms, lube, a quick start guide
  • Information about PrEP/PEP services
  • An OraQuick In-Home HIV test kit
  • Of course, the RippleBriefs for the week (this week including Let’s Have A Fefe)
  • A sweet note from the RipplePHX team

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