With the days blurring together, it’s good to have something to talk about on Wednesday nights. I appreciate the conversations we have on Let’s Have A Fefe. I am so happy that you all joining in the conversation.

This episode started as many started this season — muted. I apologize about that. I keep forgetting to unmute the mic. It’s crazy. I hope that you are enjoying this course in lip reading 101.

We did continue with our moment of silence for Black Lives Matters — because Black lives do matter and we are still losing people at the hands of police. We did talk about Breonna Taylor’s killer has been fired and Ahmaud Aubrey’s murders have been indicted by a grand jury.

But we didn’t get deep into before we got to talking about being trans and kinky! We know that it’s not safe to assume anything — I mean anything. It’s good to ask questions. Never assume that just because folks are trans that it’s all going to be the same experience.

We talked about the rising numbers and we are winning with 54K cases and almost 1.5K deaths in Arizona alone. It’s skyrocketed with 15K cases in just a week. I can’t believe it. Arizona governor is not enforcing the mask mandatory or any stay-at-home orders. Also, the Trump rally went on without masks in a church and they had special filters.

All of that on this on tonight’s show! Watch the full episode at facebook.com/letshaveafefe or youtube.com/letshaveafefe.