I could not have planned this episode better myself. It sent me laughing as I logged in that we had similar looks tonight and didn’t even talk to each other about it. Ha ha! Whoa! I am not even sure how we do it. We must have similar nanochips.

We talked about all the little celebrations we had for the glam baby and her love for cooking in her “kitchen.” It’s the cutest thing. Freddy talked about the Queen’s Jubilee, celebrated with a Bluetooth speaker like Elton John. It sounds like it was a fun time. Yas!

Tonight’s tip included us talking about why shaming is still a thing. Body shaming, slut shaming, STI shaming, and more! It’s a thing that continues even though there a body positivity campaigns, stigma squashing campaigns, etc. but the continuous behavior that lends itself to making people believe they are less than especially within our communities.

We discussed the politics going into not gun control laws but drag artists. Drag artists are creating these problems for folx and their children need to be taken care of before gun control. Okay, let’s start talking about the truth and why we need gun control. No distractions are necessary. We need to be more vocal about bettering the quality of life for the future of children and adults who think they are in safe spaces.

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