This was definitely one of those episodes when I was ready to go! I can’t believe that I am writing that but it’s true. I had makeup done, clothes on, and a wig on — even took a selfie or two to complete the look. And still, after all this time, Freddy and I still manage to match on some accord without saying a word about what we are wearing tonight.

We get into the episode tonight with realizing that Freddy is during into a Disney Daddy alongside his partner. This was after we discussed how he was killing it for the looks during the spooky season even with the recent look for the Trunk or Treat event with Drag Story Hour, AZTYPO, and Brick Road Coffee.

This week’s tip was about ageism and how we handle it in the LGBTQ community. The truth is it is like the rest of society but at a more rapid phasing out. By the time you hit your 30s, most are screaming they’re old and that it’s doomsday. Contrary to that your life is not over at 30, it’s just beginning. We talked about also getting a new lease on life after your twenties. I hope to be like the Old Gays that are ruling social media at the moment.

We got into the news where life for Ye or Kanye is crumbling but being held up by Donald Trump. We also learned that voter intimidation is real and it won’t be allowed. There were a lot of news topics covered. Check them out by listening or watching episodes.

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