Video: Actor, entertainer, and host Kathy Blaze on Let’s Have A Fefe (S11 E14)

Not that I had a particular look or that I was all done up but I felt like I was in much better spirits. It was easier to apply the makeup and get into the swing of things this evening. My look was a simple and fair look while Freddy wore a grand look and had the locks to match. He later professed that they were the golden locks that he grew in two days from some miracle elixir of sorts as we welcomed our guest Kathy Blaze Jefferson.

Video: Special guest indie artist & entertainer Afro Sensei on Let’s Have A Fefe

We had our first guest of season nine of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming. Tonight we welcomed Afro Sensei, an indie artist and entertainer. We talked about self-care during election night, got into some history, got to know Afro Sensei and more!

Video: Season 9 premiere of Let’s Have A Fefe with Felicia “Fefe” Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming

Well, it wouldn't be an episode of Let's Have A Fefe if I didn't break the internet -- even after testing it the night before. Ugh! We started off the episode using a new system and I had a new mic. For those on the podcast, you will enjoy the newer episodes as soon as I catch up.

Check me out on Dragr, an app #MadeForDrag

Loves! I am happy to announce that I am on the incredible listing of drag entertainers and artist called Dragr, the first app #MadeforDrag.

Video: Entertainer Benny Blessed on Let’s Have A Fefe

Entertainer Benny Blessed joined the Wednesday night conversation on Let’s Have A Fefe. My look was a little rush even at the beginning of the live you see all the mess happen as I try to fix my outfit and start the stream on time.

Sneak Peek: Felicia Minor – A Retrospective

eck out this photo from Logan Lowrey-Rasmussen of me. It's a sneak peek into the "Felicia Minor: A Retrospective" series.

Happy October!

First photo from the photoshoot with Polaroid Phoenix! I can't wait to see more! xx

Sassy C. Diazz – S7 E18 – Let’s Have A Fefe

Fefe & Freddy of Let's Have A Fefe -- YOUR Wednesday night conversation -- welcome Sassy C. Diaz, Phoenix entertainer.