We had our first guest of season nine of Let’s Have A Fefe with Felicia “Fefe” Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming. Tonight we welcomed Afro Sensei, an indie artist and entertainer. We talked about self-care during election night, got into some history, got to know Afro Sensei and more!

Freddy discussed some ways to take care of yourself on Tuesday night as election night might be a bit of mess. Remembering to take care of yourself is really important — self care, self love. These are also good tips to use when you are going to the polls in person. We got this!

We talked about the rising numbers during COVID. Wear a mask and take care of yourself the numbers are rising daily. Schools are closing.

We dove into some American history that you definitely didn’t learn in school like the Georgia law overtaking land in December of 1828. Even with a Supreme Court ruling, Andrew Jackson ignored and it lead to overtaking land from more indigenous people.

We talked with Afro Sensei about their journey and inspiration for music. We also talked about the creative process to developing an album concept or a song. We even ventured to share a little bit of Afro Sensei’s music — be sure to follow! Listen!

Watch the full episode at facebook.com/letshaveafefe or youtube.com/letshaveafefe.