🙏Entertainer Benny Blessed joined the Wednesday night conversation on Let’s Have A Fefe. My look was a little rush even at the beginning of the live you see all the mess happen as I try to fix my outfit and start the stream on time. ⁣

In the midst of all the fumbling around, we received a donation from Nicole Von Strap for the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS! Thanks, Nicole! 💖💕⁣

😷 Tonight we talked about things to keep in mind when going live — especially with COVID 19, there have been a lot of drag live streams or live streams in general in genres all over. Though it took us eight years to get where we are, there’s still room for improvement. ⁣

We also talked about everything reopening, coronavirus still spreading and the murder hornets coming for the bees. I appropriately named them the gangster bees. 🐝🌺⁣

🎧🎼Then we ended the show talking with Benji about how he started his entertainment career in 2019, collaborated for a fundraiser, his late mother’s inspiration and more! ⁣