Thank goodness Freddy can now help co-produce the show. There was a struggle behind the scenes of me getting ready. Most days are a struggle but I usually make it by 8 p.m. Though the time was not long … I was a little late. At least, I didn’t ghost y’all though.

Freddy got right into the tip on just that very topic! What it’s like, what does it mean and what are some of the effects of ghosting. Some of us are guilty of this no matter whether the relationship is friendship or otherwise. Some do it electronically and then do it in real life. You know you know someone like that or you have done it yourself. We are just saying there are ways that you can politely say you’re not interested or that you’ve moved on.

We spoke about current events about what is going on in Ukraine with the Russian invasion, things that are going on here at home, and even with the war happening — the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on. Yeah, somehow we got taken off the topic that we are in the middle of a pandemic.

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