If you need a good laugh, tonight’s episode of Let’s Have A Fefe was full of them as Freddy and I welcomed Madame Askew & The Grand Arbiter. I may or may not have cried from laughing so hard. You’ll have to tune into the episode to find out.

I made it just barely as the intro was ending throwing my wig on but I made it. Ha ha. We talked about all sorts of things but definitely got to hear the serious, but at times hilarious, tale of how Freddy’s ninja like reflexes saved him and his partner from rolling over. The laughs came from the unofficial uber driver in a town we had never heard of before. But definitely glad that he and his partner are safe and back home. Yikes!

We soon got into the difference between teas and tisanes. There was plenty of tea to spill — even a story to go right along with it as someone disguised, but not disguised, got away with stealing tea bush from China. Not sure how that happened or if people were blind, but yeah.

Cities like Oakland and Chicago are starting to repair and rebuild with economic incentives and payments. We also celebrated the first openly trans* person to be first senate-confirmed official as well as the first Indigenous woman to be confirmed to the cabinet — ever! Wow! Also, I let off some steam about how media are still putting out list with cis-white males on the list. In 2021, we should be doing better.

Then we chase the episode, with pimps and bigalows by our side, to learn more about Madame Askew and The Grand Arbiter. We also learned about the events they produced when we had things in-person. We also learn how they have adapted to virtual events — and producing content throughout the pandemic.

Watch this evening full of laughs at youtube.com/letshaveafefe or facebook.com/letshaveafefe.