Oh my goodness! We laughed so hard for a bit of the show my cheeks hurt. It was just what I needed this week. It was great to have Shannon Black of Free Mom Hugs Arizona join us. We laughed a bit — okay a lot! Ha ha.

We talked about consent and the different types of consent. It’s a good idea be mindful of people and their space. Asking if you can enter into their space is very important. Especially since we are in a global pandemic, it’s definitely a good idea make sure that other people are okay with you touching them in the biggest game of cooties that I have ever played — EEK!

Then we got into the numbers of those with COVID in Arizona, a leader in the world and breaking records when it comes to death, numbers are still a bit alarming. It’s also alarming as we are one of the states that got the new variant of the virus. If it hasn’t scared you, yet. I am wishing you the best.

We also got into recent changes that President Biden is making, along with Pete Buttigieg being the first LGBTQ+ senate-confirmed head of transportation. We talked about the origin of Black History Month that started in 1926 with National Negro week then was observed in 1976 as National Black History Month. And we can’t thank her enough — Stacey Abrams being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Then we made way to talk to the champion hugger of Free Mom Hugs Arizona, Shannon Black. We talked about how she got her start with organization and what inspired her to join. We even got a chance to talk about the project that the moms are working on for Valentine’s Day as a way of “giving hugs” since they can’t do that in-person.

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