Wow! Tonight’s show was full of moments of laughter, a bit of a disconnect from time to time but never failing to educate our audience. Nothing like learning while trying not cry cause a cat interrupted the show. Am I right?

We talked about how we celebrated Thanksgiving along with some other things that happened last weekend including Freddy now being out of his condo for almost a month. I think that I might be the designated for the turkey every year. We’ll see. Sounds like we all made delicious meals.

We talked about risky behaviors, being unprotected as it relates to sex as well as COVID, and more. Especially with the rise of OnlyFans and JustForFans during the pandemic, people need to be safe to make sure they aren’t transmitting STIs and COVID-19 to each other.

We got into the current events including a rise in the COVID-19 numbers, the anticipation of a future surge after travel from the Thanksgiving holiday. It could be frightening and interesting how it all plays out. And just like some of the relationships during the pandemic, the relationship between the gov and agent orange is now over after he was sent to voicemail on national television — hilarious!

Jeremy Bright of RipplePHX talked to us about how he got to know his partner Jason and how he became inspired to start RipplePHX. It was great learning about how one ripple make an impact and keep going. We got to learn more about the organization, RippleBriefs, Loteria and more. You can learn more about the organization at

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