Tonight was a little bit on the special side — in more ways than one — as we welcomed artist Jack Jakk of Unicorn Color Therapy for the show. My side of technology didn’t want to work with things at all. But it despite that it was a show full of laughs.

We talked about what we are preparing for Thanksgiving and then talked about the things that we are grateful for. I started to talk about what I was grateful for and the internet cut me off. So yeah, I didn’t get to talk about that I was grateful for but I believe Freddy and Jack talk about it.

We dove into the latest current events as the president-elect Joe Biden get ready to take over the driver seat and Agent Orange continues to look for a win. Or as Jack put it he’s starting to realize he’s the “biggest loser.” I mean he likes reality shows. Ha ha!

When you watch the episode or listen to it, please know that there may be some inaudible moments, loud burst of laughter and interesting tales about unicorns as we get to know artist Jack Jakk of Unicorn Color Therapy. We also learned his inspiration behind his art and how he got started. Very laughable and entertaining moments.

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