It was a great night of conversation with Shambrekiá Wise, co-author of Sightseeing with Sandy on Let’s Have A Fefe. With my lashes on crooked, we started on time.

We talked about how to be a White ally with some resources like documentaries to watch, books to read and other great resources. We talked about the importance of being able to take the time to listen and learn from BIPOC. It’s also important to speak up and educate others that may not notice racist remarks, micro-agressions and things that may not be right.

It’s great to see that in these discussions, brands are also listening to the conversation. Parent brands to products like Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and others are going to start working on rebrand as they realize that their mascots are very controversial and are a bit nostalgic of slavery. Some brands were working on changing the brand imagery before but now find it really important.

Along with the progress of the movement — not just a hashtag — a movement. The LGBTQ community was blessed a victory with protections in the workplace. It was a joyful day on Monday after feeling like we were defeated on Friday and over the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, Scottsdale was the place to be as everyone rushed to be in the bar at the same time and not be socially distant. At the same time we are making the news for our outrageous parties and bar scene in Arizona, we made the map for the increasing number of cases of COVID-19. Mayors are being held responsible to mandate wearing a mask. But Gov. Ducey will not call a stay-at-home order.

We also talked about the number of lynchings that seems to be on the rise and them being listed as “suicides.” And then the number of victim-by-police numbers keep going up. Also, Karen has moved San Francisco and she has made calls on her neighbors for making changes to their own property. Sorry, Karen, say goodbye to your Birchbox life.

We got so much into conversation tonight but didn’t forget Sham Wise, the co-author of the Sightseeing with Sandy series, she talked about her journey to writing the book — school, marriage, divorce, her daughter, being a single mom, and overcoming obstacles with multiple sclerosis. Even after a bit of downfall, she was motivated to do everything to live her life. After a trip to LA, her daughter asked “why is there no one like me on our flight?” After bit, the series was born — Sightseeing with Sandy.

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