What an episode, what an episode! We talked about my major anxiety as I went out into the world and even ventured to go to a restaurant, ways to feel productive during the pandemic, being black in public, making Best cry and then talking to Best about his writing career and Patreon.

We talked about setting little goals for the day to be productive but we also talked about how you don’t have to do anything and no one should make you feel guilty about that.

We also talked about crowded waterparks and how numbers for the coronavirus are still going up — newsflash: the pandemic isn’t over and numbers are still rising. I think at one point someone said that the numbers in Arizona were higher than those in Florida. (Winning?!)

We dove into stories like Amy Cooper calling the police on Christian Cooper — a former editor at Marvel. We talked about how the impact of George Floyd’s death is affecting everyone. I went on a rant that I am not apologizing for, but I went deep and made Best cry. It needs to be talked about and I hate the feeling of feeling that I could be the next one.

Am I the next Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Rodney King and so many black men who have died or have been injured? I could just be walking to store and get stopped one day — because I fit a description. Are they going to stomp on my neck next? I agree there are good men and women of service out there, but the fear is bigger than feeling protected. I believe that I overwhelmed Best with it.

After the tears and grounded ourselves, we got to talk with Best about his writing career and even learned about his novel that he has written but it will never be released to the world. Hmm… might have to get our hands on this. Ha ha. He has a book being sold online called, Maybe A Poem Might Fracture Things. You can purchase the book online at https://www.brandonmcgill.com/store/besttardy or at Shaneland Arts in Phoenix.

So much in this episode, I encourage you to watch it. You can see the full episode at facebook.com/letshaveafefe or youtube.com/letshaveafefe.