Recently, I teamed up with Tamira Hamilton, a makeup/skincare advisor, to develop the #Beyond9to5 Twitter chat to discuss things like makeup, beauty and so much more for the busy professionals. 

One of the first questions that we asked the group was: does your beauty own you or do you own your beauty? There were many answers to this. My answer to this is BOTH.

Sometimes, I own the beauty and sometime the beauty owns me. But deep — deep inside, I own the beauty inside. I have to feel proud and motivated for myself. When I say that I love myself, it isn’t to say that I am overly confident or cocky. But I have gotten to a point where I believe in myself and I am not looking for anyone validate me at the end of the day.

Truth is that this is something that I have had to work on for a very long time. I grew up with some people telling that I was good enough. I went through a period of verbal abuse and bullying — with no way of knowing how to deal with it.

I somehow had this urge to prove people wrong and my satisfaction was proving them wrong.Don’t get me wrong there have been some dark periods where I thought that I was ready to give up on life where I was thinking of killing myself.

In the end, I felt like I was letting the other people win, proving them right. I have grown thicker skin have learned that I need to learn what’s best for me, what’s good about, what I want to fix and what will make me happy. Finding this out has helped me own my beauty.

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