THEY JUST KEEP COMING this season! (That’s what he said…) Anyway, it was great having DJ Image/Miguel Rodriguez on the show tonight.

We first got distracted by remembering the weekend and that I didn’t blend my makeup — cause Piper V. M’Shay never showed me. Until then… I am stuck trying to get it right and never being on point. It’s a good thing that I can paint other people.

We talked about how chasing love for all the wrong reasons can put you down the path to nowhere, rough relationships and so much more. And a little bit of ‪#‎FefeTruth‬ came out and let the children of all ages know that you aren’t supposed to be putting your laundry out to dry on Facebook or any social media platform. It’s messy… just don’t do it.

We started talking about the weird things going on in the world that somehow happen to be true. Oh god! I wish they weren’t especially when bugs crawl on you and I scream like a BITCH! AND RUN! Yes, it’s true. I can be sort of mature about it… but I can scream run off like the best of them.

After a brief delay, we got back to DJ Image, and how he is starting a new YouTube channel and vloggin’ like it’s no ones business… but it was our’s to discuss it. He also talked about his new nightlife gig that he has set up and kickin’ off ‪#‎LadiesNight‬ at the School of Rock on Mill in Tempe. Sounds like fun!

Special thanks to all you that tuned in tonight like Karen Crusher (and thanks for sharing it on social media even Twitter), Ryan Nathaniel Crawford (love the screenshot that you took of us and shared on Instagram!), Wayne Dippel, Scottie (he lives here… it’s kind of forced — ha ha!) Vivica Slick and so many more! Including all of you that decide that you aren’t going to chat with us. Hehe. And of course, those of you that tune in later.

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