12636863_1204651986214942_895104202_oWOW! GREAT CONVERSATION tonight on the Fefe! I wasn’t sure how the show was going to go because Freddy wasn’t feeling too well. But I think that it was great.

The type of discussions we had tonight were RANT-orientated.

First rant — your sex toys should not be overpriced and basically germ breeding grounds from Pure Romance. Other things that are sold like that are not welcomed by either of us. I don’t want a temporary fix or stickers for my finger nails.

Other rants included but were not limited to Facebook relationship status changes and experiencing them in real life; Facebook statuses that tag the whole city of Phoenix and the surround suburbs; School children using the n-word and getting away with; Donald Trump and the circus… and so much more!

Special thanks to Ryan Nathaniel Crawford (screenshots are awesome! Totes appreciate them!), Scottie, Fefe alum Karen Crusher, Vivica Slick,Vivika D’Angelo Steele, Wayne Dippel (Birthday man! Totes don’t believe you’re 39… hm…) and so many more that tuned in and will watch later.

Thanks for tuning in and we will have an all-new show for you next week! Be sure to share this week’s episode with your frenemies –www.letshaveafefe.com/e19s4.