Photo on 1-13-16 at 9.16 PM.jpgMY GOODNESS! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard and trying not to be tugged into a mini-desk fan — but we definitely had a lot to talk about with our special guest Piper V. M’Shay!

We started out with no sound and (as always) I messed it up! But ended up fixing it and you could hear us once again. We talked about hooking up online and being safe. We walked weirdly into situations that I never imagined with the offbeat. I have to remember to post the pics of the dick pic photographer.

Then we got to talk more about Piper V. M’Shay’s video about doing other’s makeup and found out what triggered it. It was great to discuss it cause she isn’t the only that feels that way. Not that people are banging down my door for me to paint their faces. BUT that’s not the point. We got to know the reason behind the video and get to know more about what Piper is up to.

Special thanks to all of you that tuned in Gabe Gardner, Vivica Slick,Sophia St. James, Ryan Nathaniel Crawford, Scotty Kirby, Karen Crusher,Scottie and so many more that tuned into tonight’s show!

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Next week we welcome special guest DJ Image (Miguel Rodriguez)!