Wow! In one word, that is how the weekend describes the weekend that I have been having. Most people dispise the fact that they are getting older. For me, I don’t think I mind — well I mind a little when gravity starts placing things where they didn’t used to be.

I most I love about getting older is that I have learned that you write your own story — the characters, the places exists but you write them in or you can write them out. Now, there are times where you have to play nice and just go with the flow. As I move forward and experience new things, I know that it’s not about the how many friends you have, it’s the quality of the company you keep.

As this birthday weekend started, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed because I hadn’t heard from anyone that wanted to help celebrate my milestone birthday, the last few minutes of my twenties and bring on the “you’re getting old” laughs and great humor. As I walked into work on Friday afternoon, my attitude changed.

First they were hosting an amazing birthday luncheon for me at my place of work — cheers to my friends Kona and Sarah for making it work and sprinkling that charm and glitter on it. But word was quickly spreading that the Attorney General was hosting a press conference that announced that Arizona would be legalizing same-sex marriage. I cried tears of joy and called my husband to let him know. On the eve of the annual Phoenix Pride’s Rainbow Fest. It was the beginning of the celebration.

Friday night with the buzz of same-sex marriage in the air and ready to celebrate the Fefe Dirty 30 weekend, I was excited to go to Freddy Prinze Charming’s Spotlight show at Zoan. It was one of those shows that the creative spun and weaved it’s way around every performer to go all out and conquer the theme of Freak Show. I had a couple of new costumes, one costume in particular that I was excited about. It was amazing! Such a great night.


But the joy and fun didn’t stop there. I had to get ready for Phoenix Pride’s Rainbow Fest. It was hot and I was melting like a wax doll — I didn’t care. You could feel the buzz of the celebratory victory of achieving marriage equality in Arizona. I walked up to the Festival excited and even more excited after hearing my name from the Loves! The LoveySquad (fans) were out in full force this weekend. We stopped and talked with a little bit of everyone. It was great connecting — even took a picture in the Echo Magazine booth.

Before performing at the Rainbows Fest and after a little of connecting with the Loves. My husband surprised me with a little bit of impromptu wedding ceremony that was being held at the festival. It was a bit surreal and nervousness came over me. We had been married once before in California in 2008 and now we were going to do it surrounded by lots of friends and family in the community. We even spoke to a reporter from the Arizona Republic/12 News, a Phoenix news channel and photographed (above.) We didn’t get the official certificate, so we are going to have to work on that. But it was such a great feeling to be surrounded by friends and family.

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Saturday night, I celebrated with a fresh face and shower after melting in the sun all day with Mia Inez Adams for Saturday Night madness at C7 in Phoenix. It was a great show and had a great time. Laughs back stage are everything!


Today I am continuing the celebration and getting a massage and spending sometime with my husband. This weekend has almost been like a surprise birthday party — totally unexpected. I have enjoyed my journey so far and looking forward to getting older and experiencing more life. I know that it’s not always going to be what I want it to be, but wherever I am it’s going to be meant to be.

Very special thank you to my husband Scottie, friends, family and fans that have supported me and been there for me through it all — even when it got messy you helped me clean it up. I would not be here without you. And with that, I am ready to turn thirty and celebrate some more life! xx