Sexy Lovey Saturday: Easter Edition

A bit of naughty bunnies from across the inter-webs.


Upcoming Show: Spotlight – Stage & Stage: The Sequel

A week from tomorrow, the award-winning Spotlight returns with Stage & Screen: The Sequel with an all-star cast of entertainers & performers at The Cash Nightclub & Lounge at 9 p.m.

VIDEO: Trans* vs. Trump, Florida flops and more on Let’s Have A Fefe

Fefe & Freddy of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming talk about all things like Trump vs. Trans, Truth of It All and ooooh so much more! Let's Talk!

Makeup Monday: Finishing touches

To me, beauty and makeup and color is like...

Sexy Lovey Saturday: Yes or No?

Push and pull all night. Sexy af or not really?


"The way to achieve your own success..."

Makeup Monday: Makeup + Confidence

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me." - Tyra Banks