What would you do if your favorite social media platform disappeared tomorrow? This week many of us witnessed the great outage of 2021, when Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the family of app experienced an outage for nearly a whole day.

For me, I was okay and, like many, retreated to Twitter. Many of family, friends and colleagues were freaking out at the possibilities that all their hard work of makeup looks, show flyers, or post event photos may have disappeared or their connections of fellow entertainers, audience members and fans — GONE!

With the internet, the possibilities are endless and you shouldn’t just depend on one social media site to maintain your content. Here are five reasons I think that drag artist, entertainers and many more should have their own website.

If your favorite social media platform goes down. Your website will be a constant.

Yes, website servers go down like the Facebook family servers did. I feel like your website is a constant resource that will have more uptime. Your website is also the house that you build. It’s really important that you keep and own your digital assets. In the terms and conditions of each of the platforms, it does say something similar to the fact that they are not responsible for your content and can shut down your page at any time.

It’s a chance to develop your own brand, show case your personality and get above noise.

Developing your website will give your audience and fans an opportunity to learn more about you, your brand, and your values. It’s a chance to talk about experiences from shows, maybe showcase behind-the-scenes of shows, and more. It’s also a constant resource for fans to go to check your show schedule, see photos and not have to worry if the formula on the social media platform showed it to them.

Social platforms only go so far as showcasing your brand and personality. It’s a chance to show off — certains colors the represent your brand, layouts that showcase your work better, and so much more.

You’re a professional, right? Use your website to showcase the professionalism.

Even if you are still fighting that imposter syndrome, you are a professional of your craft. The website is your chance to showcase your talent. Do blog posts, promote your show schedule, post galleries of your professional photos, provide links to your merch and more. You can tell your promoters and those booking you for shows to check out your website to learn more about you and purchase your merch.

Update your fans! Blog it up!

Your website is a great place to host a blog. A blog can be as formal or informal as you want it to be. It’s also a place where you can talk about your show experiences, announce upcoming shows, tell folx about your merch or talk deeply about subject your are passionate about as a person, as an artist.

I enjoy social media as much as the next, but sometime I search for artist websites to see what I may not see on social media. It’s also like getting to know the artist, just a bit deeper. Sometime I discover things that aren’t on their social media.

Make it easy to connect and sell merch!

This is something that I am working on, honestly. Put all your information, blog posts, merch store in one place so all they do is type [yourname].com. We are definitely a society of convenience and we love it. Don’t we? So, make it easy for your fans and audience members.

I want to build a website! What’s next?

I am glad that you are excited about it. It can be a lot of hard work. I built my website on WordPress. You can start building one now using my referral link: https://wordpress.com/refer-a-friend/v1K2YoLFre3pvlE4BEb/. You can also use web builders at Wix, Weebly and more. It’s all up to you and what you are comfortable with.

What are some reasons you think drag artist and entertainers should have websites? Post it in the comments below.

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