I felt inspired to continue last week’s look but change it a little bit. I changed it a little bit and then added a mustache. My first time wearing one and not drawing it directly on my face. It’s a bit different, but I could do it again. It’s fun to keep learning and doing things that I haven’t done before. It made me happy. And on that same happy note, we were so glad to welcome artist Mia Pratt.

We were a bit short with the weekend recap because we had some family moments — babies, kittens, Santa, etc. But we also had Sex Trivia Night at Gracie’s Tax Bar on Saturday night. It was good but it also motivated some of the content on tonight’s episode.

Freddy discussed with us the use of the word “slave” in the context of being used in the kink community. Before you go off the rails, it’s meant to be consensual and a part of the role that person plays during kink play or intimate moments. The terms have been used times before us and are meant in the form of endearment — and usually only shared between those in the intimate situation. No one questioned Britney when she would be a [love] “slave” for you.

Then we jumped into the tidbit with the news, we discussed the cancel culture following an attempt at uprising like Elon Musk being booed at a Dave Chapelle event. We also discussed the great news from the White House about signing the Respect of Marriage act by Joe Biden. We would have thought this was not still necessary, but happy that it passed as the SCOTUS thinks about reversing other laws and civil rights including rights for trans* and queer people alike.

Our conversation was great but got even better when we discussed the journey of Mia Pratt. An artist now located in a small village in Mexico talked to us about discovering her love for art, how to translate her political stances into great works of art, and more. Check out the interview to learn more about the “gold” -en inspiration for Mia and more!

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