It seems like the week has been longer than the last. I think that it’s because we had a short work week last week. But nevertheless, it was great to throw on one of my favorite pink sweater tops and big red hair to talk with Mr. Trans USA 2022 Dylan B. Dickherson White. His name is tied with the number of characters in Freddy Prinze Charming. Ha ha. I kid.

We talked about what I missed at the Friendsgiving that was well attended at Freddy’s house. I had a small get-together with our little bunch. The bonus was that Brandon McGill stopped by Freddy’s and brought a set of the tarot cards they body-painted, photographed, designed, and produced. It’s ridiculous the amount of talent that went into producing them. Dylan went on to talk about spending the holiday at the in-laws in the backwoods where there was limited cell service & one internet line for the whole town.

We briefly talked about the world imploding as Elon continues to oddly destroy the company that he just invested so much money into and remove folks that insult or make fun of him. On the other side of that coin, Trump is set to face the fire in the near future, right before the Republican primaries.

It was great to talk with Dylan about being Mr. Trans USA 2022. He dove into being involved in the pageant and how it worked. It’s a shiny star and stage to feel validated and encouraged to live authentically in your skin — no matter what the body type is. We discussed the different elements of the pageant. There was a bit of the moment where we discussed that feeling of crossing the stage and the euphoric feeling that comes over a person. We also how important is to be diverse and inclusive because representation matters.

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