Today was a little bit of a struggle. And I did show up late for our first in-studio guest, Sir Eric. We haven’t had a guest in the studio in a very long time. It’s been a hot minute and so glad he could join us for tonight’s Let’s Have A Fefe. Freddy Prinze Charming was back from Texas and won’t confirm but truly denies moving to Houston. We’ll have to stay on top of this one.

Freddy gave us a little glimpse of his point of view about the pageant. And he was not holding anything back in regards to how he felt about the last-minute changes that were made and making it a bit unfair to the contestants. And he is getting a very bit excited about his December/Christmas trip to Disneyland with the family. Freddy and Eric seemed to be fanboying over these bags… so yay! You know I love a good bag, but maybe I haven’t given in to the hype just yet.

Enough of that mess! Ha ha. We got into the old guard vs. the new guard in the leather community. Eric and Freddy discussed the history of where it all started and how it evolved. Then discussed how they were against each other somethings have evolved over time and maybe a little more progressive. A lot of things seem to be up for debate as one leans on what used to be (the gold age) and the other leans on what can we do next or in the future.

We also got into a bit of discussion about dom vs. sub and the many variations. It’s not just one type of way. There’s more than one way to get down. And don’t assume that what you think you. We definitely got a refresher on the use of the hanky code and so much more.

In the news this week: Katie Hobbs is the new governor-elect and Kari Lake sucks! There were other things that were in the news like hateful transphobic people that continue to move through life.

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