Freddy was off to the land of Texas. He promises that he won’t stay there, but we’ll have to see it for ourselves next week. Wishing Randy Wilde the best of luck as he competes for Mr. Gay USofA At-Large in Houston. He’ll win a medal if can put up with pageant dad Freddy. Ha ha!

But back at home, I welcomed Mitchy Miraj a local Phoenix rapper. He had a margarita in hand. We talked about the recent election results even though he had not made it out to the polls. We talked about some issues that might be important to fight for — uh, human rights!

I didn’t give him too hard of a time for not voting but he knows! After giving my mom speel, we jumped into the process of creating music and an album or mixtape. He currently has a single out called “Bitch, I’m Sorry?” The video has nearly 500 views. We played it on the show and it can be found here:

Then we weren’t expecting her sooner but she arrived right on time! Dina Nina showed up after running across town to make the appearance. We were so happy to converse with her and find out that she is planning a tour after not being able to work as much in the last three years. Her new mantra is to live the happiest life ever.

I was also on the Dina Nina Election Night coverage the night before her show appearance on ours. You can check that video out here:

All in all, it was a good night! You can see the full episode of tonight’s Let’s Have A Fefe on or You can also subscribe to the Let’s Have A Fefe podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more!

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