A brief break is always good. Especially, if you are dealing with failing air conditioners and it’s in the pit of satan’s ass outside in Phoenix. So we were back after Freddy’s dilemma. And I almost didn’t make it — but made it just as the intro ended. Phew! Made it to class on time.

Tonight, we find that the drag cave is done and still being organized and Freddy is in a new space. After all the troubles of putting this gig together, I hope that it lasts a long while. Definitely love the new backdrop to Freddy’s setup.

We also dove into my two weeks off including trying to embarrass my husband but ending up embarrassing myself as I didn’t pay the bill at the restaurant for his birthday. But no worries, I went back and paid. Karma has been getting folx lately so I didn’t want to be next. Ha ha. Looks like the joke was on me.

But, no worries. Right?! Ha.

We dove into the topic of self-love and being in relationships with folks. Not just penetrable physical love for yourself but also mentally. Not being able to show yourself, love, and speak kindly to yourself can prevent you from being able to fully care or provide love and support to others — no matter the relationship.

We talked about current events involving the “mango man” and the many investigations, some announcements for a presidential run, and more.

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