For this episode, I was running a bit behind and ran to get a face on because I got off work late. But, again, trusted in the hands of Freddy Prinze Charming, he started the episode without any problems. I got myself together, in some form or fashion. A spiral for the occasion, you could say.

We talked about the shenanigans that happened in our weekends. Especially as Freddy continues to have construction woes and needs at his house. To add insult to energy, his air conditioning went out but only be replaced with a nicer piece of equipment. The drag cave is coming together, finally.

Imposter! The tip for the night was focused on imposter syndrome. The feeling like you’re not good enough or that you are not qualified to do something. You might experience this as a part of your career, your daily life, and more. You might set unobtainable goals, fear making mistakes, and more but not believe in yourself. It’s always great to keep learning new things and making improvements. Don’t beat yourself up too much!

We also talked about current events and things in the news like Oprah’s father’s celebration of life and then passing over the weekend. There were other things that we can’t believe are headlines.

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