Freddy was away playing in Seattle and enjoyed the visit as well as the pride festivals. I can’t be mad at him except for the fact that he is right when he leaves town it rains. Instead this time it poured. Things were going array from the word go. An extreme group is leaning into me and calling me “demon dragon” and “groomer.” Just taking it to the next level of weird. I can’t believe that it’s real and that it is happening.

As weird as that is, we have folx that out each other at work. It’s not right. Freddy went into a situation that played out where one’s ex was the deciding factor for everything going on. It just shouts out red flags and doesn’t allow for the people involved to go any further when they outed them at work. Sorry, not going to work!

We also discussed the Roe v. Wade overturn and other things that seem to show the system going haywire and sending us back 100 years. Also, we don’t have to wait for gay marriage to be taken to be doing something about this. We already see anti-trans as well as women’s rights bills being pushed forward all the time.

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