The challenge is getting technology to work; when it doesn’t, there’s a problem. Freddy started out this week with difficulties when usually it is me. But I was ready to go, luckily. Bluetooth technologies and something. I can’t really tell you. BUT on with the show.

The weekend was full of getting bee tattoos, installing an above-ground pool, checking out Wonderspaces, brunch shows, and a pageant. It made out to be a busy one between the two of us. All of this despite the heat pounding down on us.

We then got into a discussion about misgendering folx and the willingful ignorance to knowledge those who identify as non-binary. Often this is done by those who claim they are the automatic ally, the cis-gay men. That’s true and everyone needs to be working hard to be accepting, unlearn and learn new things.

Gettting into current events we talked about the domestic terrorist who tried to destroy pride and drag story hour in various places around the United States. Meanwhile, Britney Spears a=got married with a prenup as her ex tries to crash her wedding then Kim destroys Marilyn Monroe’s dress. As this is happening, Lizzo quickly changes her song by removing a word that folx in disabled community.

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