Ready… set… go? I couldn’t get my lashes right, but I wasn’t the only one, but I definitely have been wearing them longer. Sometimes I feel like it’s still my first time trying them on and I know I may never perfect the craft of eyelash wearing … lol.

ANYWAY! We talked about the weekend of many activities as Freddy got a new couch and started to organize his drag droppings. (In my case, I think that organizing your drag or your craft area should be an Olympic-type sport — it’s hard.) It sounds like the couch is comfy, and organizing is coming along. I spent the night overthinking a presentation that went wonderfully alongside The Art of Drag with David Boyles. He “slayed” the history lesson that I wish I had when I was in school.

That was just the weekend recap. Then, we got into how Freddy’s 16-year-old can recognize red flags, misbehavior, and when to get out of a toxic relationship. How are we not doing this as adults a young adult was able to discover these things didn’t work well for them. Also, I applaud the parents for being able to have a relationship with their child that can help them make decisions for themselves, instead of feeling lost or pressured into staying in the relationship.

Red flags continued as it looks like Roe v. Wade is being overturned but nothing is really being said or pushed for this. And the uncomfortable silence from the White House is just making this a little more uncomfortable. Do you know what I mean? YIKES! Many anti-” rights to live” bills are going through on the state and federal levels. The talks of making anti-abortion and anti-trans bills continue. We need to keep discussing this.

So much in this episode! Watch the full episode at or