Tonight Freddy returned and I joined the episode quickly as the intro started. It was almost like old times cause Freddy hadn’t been on in nearly a month. I am not sure how much longer you all would have held up for just listening to me for an hour each week. Haha.

First of all, congrats to Freddy for being able to finally step down from the title that he has had for 3 years now. I am sure that was incredible, but what might have overhauled it was not feeling well when he got before his step down as well as returning from his step down. It’s just been a mess, to say the least.

A mess can be defined as those that don’t know the anatomy of the vulva, knowledge of the vagina — even those individuals born with them. *Shrug* What can I say? I thought we all learned this in the fifth or sixth grade. But, I am can’t assume this from messy folx.

But nothing is as messy as the world is right now. Billionaires buying social media platform companies while there’s a war going on, Disney is getting away with things tax-free, and government officials want to burn banned books.

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