Tonight, we– I returned as Freddy was just getting back into town after being in Little Rock, Arkansas for his step down after three years. If this episode is not of the usual caliber you can skip it and come back for the next one. I totally understand.

It was a wonderful weekend. I talked about how consent and permission are necessary especially when attending a drag show. Don’t touch my hair is more than something I say, but something I mean. Please don’t proceed to make folks uncomfortable especially when they asked you not to. There was more to this like clearing the way for entertainers, not touching them because they are dressed up, and don’t go on take stage time because you want to live your drunk dancing fancy. All of this is disrespectful.

Then we went on to talk about the news and current events like the Manson family trying to appeal life sentences, the first arrest made from the anti-abortion laws, Arizona anti-trans and anti-abortion bills now signed into law… all it really confusing and not making any sense to me. But wait there was more! You have to watch the episode to get the full version!

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