Right after the episode last week, I got surprising news and it definitely changed my weekend plans. Things are better now and didn’t get worse, which I am thankful for. We did get into how Freddy’s trip went as well as his quick breakout moment. It was just a weird bit of a weekend for both of us.

Freddy discussed how going to conventions, festivals, and related activities and events can cause a “Con Drop.” We experience it as a euphoric high and good feeling and then we “drop” as we return to reality. For some, it has been difficult to return back to what life was and move forward into what life is like now, especially with public activities like Wild West Con. It’s important to take care of yourself and if you can work your way back into everyday life.

In everyday life, there are jumping spiders that will be jumping quicker than Kris Kross that will be arriving in the Spring and going into full effect in the Summer. Then we have the political mess that is happening in the world, especially with a war that is driving up the prices of gas and food.

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