Tonight, folx, Freddy was in control so if you couldn’t see or hear us. It was his fault, but I have to say he did a great job starting the show and co-producing the show. I am on my way to just being a pretty face. LOL! I am just kidding. Don’t laugh!

In this episode, we got into the basics of cock rings — even for those who are high performing (or so you think). It is amazing how much they vary. It’s also interesting to learn about the level of difficulty. The rings are not just for those using them but can be for their partners as well. Keywords I heard: Silicone carries the vibration.

After we figure out what parachutes, cocktail rings, and others were we moved on to celebrate Black Queer folx for Black History Month. Tonight: Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Ron Oden, Marsha P. Johnson, and Barbara Jordan. We also talked about how Beyonce is now an Oscar Award nominee.

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