Tonight’s episode we welcomed Freddy back after his eventful water adventure. We also got to discuss the trans* history and learn some things. Definitely waiting for our educational mark to certify that this is an educational show.

We got into how the experience of performing for the first time since before the pandemic. Some of the comfort levels, anxiety levels were a little high and many different feelings after the event.

In observance of Trans Awareness Week, we got into some historical trans people that prove that trans people have existed for centuries and not new! Some interested facts about these people and happy to get to learn more about them.

We talked about the spike of COVID 19 cases — not just in Arizona but nationally. Things are closing. Some places are going into lock down. Not Arizona, but other states are. The leadership just keeps saying “wear a mask.” There are definitely different extremes when trying to find a resolution to the spread of the virus.

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