In the latest episode of Let’s Have A Fefe with Felicia “Fefe” Minor and Freddy Prinze Charming, Freddy gives us the update on the latest slang and their definition.

Here are some of the words and their meanings:

  • Periodt – added to end of sentence to add emphasis, can be preceded by “and that’s on”….. 
  • Wig – something amazing ie. Beyonce posts a photo. Comment: “Wig!”
  • Fire – really cool or amazing
  • Cap/No Cap – Cap is to lie, no cap is to tell the truth
  • Lewk – signature outfit or appearance… a “look” 
  • Lit – awesome, amazing, also drunk
  • Stan – obsessive fan
  • Thirsty – overly eager, desperate for attention
  • Yeet – used to describe getting rid of something at high velocity
  • Sksksksk – filler expression of excitement, don’t know how to transition to a new phrase, popular with VSCO girls
  • Simp – people pleaser, guy who will do anything to make people fall in love with them
  • Sus – suspect or suspicious, Among Us
  • I’m baby – feeling helpless or incapable
  • Dank – excellent and high quality
  • Hypebeast – someone who cares too much about things that are popular

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