I am happy to announce that I will be presenting at the the Bee Daring Foundation’s Pave the Way Mental Health Summit 2020. This is the fourth year of the event that will be hosted on November 4-7, 2020.

I will be presenting on my mental health journey and talking about how I am learning how to cope like dealing with anxiety and fear during COVID-19. I have previously written about this on my website and you can read it here.

There are a lot of great presenters and I am glad to be joining them for this. This is a virtual ticketed event, starting at $10, for 4 days of events. You can get your tickets here: https://beedaringfoundation.org/pave-the-way-mental-health-summit-2020/. Sponsors are offering prizes for those who donate $100 or more to the Bee Daring Foundation. There are other great offers.

I hope that I see you there.