NOW I AM in the mood for tossed salad cause we talked about it so much during the show with our special guest Olivia Gardens, who is Empress of Reign X of the Imperial Court of Arizona. The Imperial Court is hosting their annual coronation to announce their new emperor & empress this Saturday.

Freddy remembered his weekend — sort of, had to reference it. From the sound of it, he worked hard, made some thing spicy and is now a little bit bitter. Ha ha.

We also learned that Olivia went to her homeland and the land of SPAM — and it turned into a spam-type conversation: different flavors and how we are going to have a SPAM type eating ordeal for a show next season. I haven’t tried SPAM in awhile and interested to give it one more shot.

When learned more about SPAM and everything, we learned what it’s going to take as Freddy gets ready for his top surgery and we are going along for a bit of the journey. Stay tuned!

It was great hearing and learning about Olivia Gardens humble beginnings as an drag entertainer in the community and seeing how she has grown. It has been incredible. We wonder what’s next… SPAM special on Let’s Have A Fefe! That’s what! HA!

You can watch tonight’s episode right here:

Thanks to all that watched like Wayne Dippel, Karen Crusher, Gabe Gardner, Ryan Nathaniel Crawford and so much more! Also a big thanks to all that tune in afterward.

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