I DRESSED in purple for Prince but got a little off-topic first thing and started talking about my CenturyLink customer service experience. We went over the weekend and I let you all know that the trolls were after me — it was fun and I think the audience had some fun over what was said.

I am still in shock that Prince is not here anymore — but the series of event that lead up to his death were distrubing. Anyone else feel that way?

Among the controversy, there was just so much going on in the Beyhive camp. She released a visual album — there’s been so much speculation about it. I don’t think that people are really listening to what is being said. When they do listen, it seems that some are not liking what they are saying. We’ll talk more about this next week.

We got around to just the tip — we talked about furry fandom. Freddy debunked some myths that I once thought were true because of the 1 time I saw the MTV True Life about it. Then there were some interesting fetishes that were introduced by you all that I didn’t know existed. That we will be discussing in a future episode.

We went into some other things like Dolly not backing down from the anti-LGBT states and still performing there. Anyone else think it’s weird that she isn’t following suit? And is she going to start boycotting Target as well — that means that I can go on a Saturday. Yay!

Thanks to Karen Crusher, Ryan Nathaniel Crawford, Robin Harts, Scottie Stone-Jervis and many more that tuned in tonight and that will watch it on the replay.

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