2014-5 DragStar Vertical 619

It has been a great couple of weeks of the first annual Drag Star being hosted at The Rock in Phoenix. Each week entertainers are taking to the stage to see how is the fiercest drag star. With the second week under our belt, Drag Star has been able to show the best and even been able to show the worst. With a couple of drop outs and one person eliminated. The Drag Star competition continues on the 19th of June with the Celebrity Impersonation theme. Contestants also have a mini-challenge that they compete in not to go home and come back the next week.

Can’t wait to see what the contestants come up with. Don’t think that the Southwest Entertainment or #TeamSWAZ Entertainment of the Year are off the hook. Team members will be giving their best celebrity impersonation! It’s a thrill. It’s fun! Who will be the first Drag Star? Join us on Wednesday, June 19 at the Rock in Phoenix at 9 p.m. $2 admission.