AND LADIES THAT SHIT WAS HILARIOUS! I missed Freddy tonight but the show must go on. I had to go to the depths of our bedroom to find my husband to fill in. Many thanks to the many people like Barbra Seville that said they would fill in next time we need it.

We started with our weekend and how it was awesome. We discovered that we need to be more social or continue being the boring anti-social people that enjoy each other, like we are. LOL. Ha ha… no we really aren’t that boring and it was a pretty good weekend.

Special thanks to the Phoenix Movie Bears for inviting me to see the screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom starring Idris Elba. I can’t say the last name, which was a common theme throughout the night… You have to catch the movie in theaters on Dec. 25 and let me know what you think.

It felt weird covering Just the Tip tonight cause Freddy is knowledgable of this area of expertise. I, on the other hand, found some hilarious stuff about women sexting lies. “What are you wearing… ?” “Your mom’s underwear.” It was great reading through all the lies.

We chatted a little bit on the Fefe Offbeat, something about drones, something about Satan putting up a monument in Oklahoma City… yeah. No big deal, no riots, no religious wars… it’ll be fine. I am sure. (*run for cover if you live in Oklahoma.)

Then we got to the part where Lisha was waiting for all night! DREAMS. She has some fascinating dreams, but let me tell you whhhhhat we had some interest interpretations (that word, I fell over.. over and over again). Authority figures, stairs/landings, and so much more. It’s all about extra spicy chicken.

Definitely want to remind everyone that the Spotlight show is being held on Friday, Dec. 13 at Zoan and hosted by Freddy Prinze Charming. Starts at 9 p.m. Let’s have some fun.

On a serious note, DJ Image posted some information about getting help to bury a loved one that just passed away. Encouraged some people to show love and donate if you can.

Special thanks to Italian Ice Designs, Donna Matheson, Whitey Tighties Robb Rodriguez, Phoenix Movie Bears, Joshua Hastings, Clint (Hastings)…. hehe., Compete Magazine,, Henry Beam, Solo Creations Drag Photography, Adam Db, Wayne Dippel and the Dippel Sisters, Jose LaBearja, Mystique Summers (Painted4Filth), Gabe King, DJ Image, Jen Brown, Dee C Latcher and so many more that watch live and watch after… continue to support us! Thank you!

We will see you next week for our 1 year anniversary show! You know the times, space and the channel. xx