It was a great night, an imitate night of just Freddy and I. Along the way, after watching this episode, you realize that we are your best friends and you want to watch more episodes right? Right! Something went dead in the bed, bosses can be and will be porn stars, blind people can fight and the return of the ever energetic Jake.

Special thanks to Compete Magazine (hosting their launch party on May 26 at Charlies from 3-5 p.m.), Dean Cassidy, Casa Grande Pride (a FEFE exclusive was released tonight about an event they are putting on with CARE.), Wayne Dippel, Vicious Slick, Veronica Jane, Veronica Tramp, Victoria Bacon, Jake Salazar, Ryan Sherwood, Aaron Mchee, Crystal Arthur and so many more that support and watch!

Be sure to tune in next week as comedian Thai Rivera and DJ Seth Cooper join us LIVE at 8 p.m. Arizona time/11 p.m. Eastern.