THE TRUTH OF IT ALL IS… Children running up and down the halls drives me crazy. It seems like a form of disrespect for other shoppers to put up with the children and ruins the shopping experience.

We went to Target today and there were two children that were running up and down the aisles screaming and such. At first we thought they were with a a parent or responsible adult. Then a couple minutes later they were running around frantically.

STOP! My husband yells before realizing what’s really going on. I went to the end of the aisle to see if there was a parent near by because I can’t stand when kids act crazy and animalistic in the aisles of a store. Soon I realized that they were lost. Something came over me to ask them why they were crying and acting so on edge — they couldn’t find their mother.

Another young lady stopped to help ask the children to calm down and ask their names. Soon after more shoppers became more concerned on the whereabouts of their mother. We got their name and the name of their mother. It was apparent that they didn’t speak fluent English, but understood well enough. A concerned shopper asked one of the children to the phone number to their mother or whoever they were with. He told them the number and got a number that wasn’t working.

We soon realized that our two little frantic children were visitors from Mexico and had never been here before. The number that wasn’t working, the child only knew his number to his home in Mexico. During this time, the security and representatives from the store became concerned. Just when the the page for the mother was about go through the intercom, the children saw someone they recognized like a family friend.

The family friends and the mother reunited, but it seemed as if they were not even concerned of their safety of where they had been, they didn’t seem to be frantic about find the children. She did say ‘thank-you’ to all of us that helped to find the mother.

It was just… My heart went out to those children that were in a store they had never been in. I feel shame for the mother that she wasn’t more concerned about her child. When out in public places, please be sure to watch your children and don’t make me have the feeling of wanting to slap, not the child, but you square in the face. Get responsible, get your life and act right!