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Thank-you’s and such.

I am not going to write a drawn out blah blog about how we did this and we did that. And I don’t have any juicy gossip.. I will tell you that I finished with a plan come back harder, better and stronger.

I would like to thank some people for being in the back seat of this whole journey:

  • Scott: I know it was a huge sacrifice and compromise to let me do this and you know that I enjoy the art of entertaining as a female impersonator. I hope that you are able accept all challenges, failures and successes along the journey. I want you there and to continue to be my support system. I love you.
  • Mia: Thanks for being there as a promoter and becoming a friend. You did a phenomenal job. If any one says that you shorted any one or didn’t do enough. They don’t know the T. Look forward to looking to you for advice and further opportunities as Miss Gay Supernova USofA Newcomer 2011. Let’s go to Texas girl!
  • Phalon Steele: You were amazing as Miss Gay USofA Newcomer 2010. Thanks for being a source of inspiration, talking with me and making sure things were “cool.” You’re amazing and I look forward to working with you again soon.
  • Kendra: Thanks for being a part of my first court and being a partner in the fundraisers and going to FL. It was a great journey. Wishing you all the best.
  • Rainbow Cab: Thanks for helping me along my journey and the rides all over as I toured all over  PHX, ha ha. Next time, we will tour the whole Southwest Region of the USA. Haha. “Tell’em Felicia Minor sent you”
  • You’re amazing for donating all that underwear to my auction and helping me get to FL! Big kisses, beautiful men in amazing underwear.
  • David, Carter, Jason, Steve & all the underwear models: Thanks for taking the time to do what you do best, be sexy and model underwear for my auction. Amazingly yummy!
  • The Rock, BS West, & Cruisin’ 7th: Thank you for letting me setup and host events at your venues and helping me get to FL. It was an amazing time!
  • To all others that contributed to my journey: I am not trying to forget you on purpose. I hope that you will help me for the next pageant. I love you all. Thank you.