I can’t believe what a year it has been and where it has gone. I want to take this moment to review the year. Look back, reminisce and maybe make fun of myself.

Well, I started drag in 2007 — as a “Halloqueen”. A person that dresses in drag only for the sake of Halloween. It was a blast and great fun. I did it the year after and thought it’s now time to take it out on the road, with the help of friends.

So in 2009, I started with this:

It was a good start. I got some clothes from my friend Amanda and bought a couple of costume wigs from a costume shop. I thought I was the shit… up and down! Turns out I was wrong?  The make up washed off and I was a hot mess. I was not listening to anyone’s suggestions of putting on foundation, powder. I knew what I was doing, right? (Let us continue…)

So then I thought that I was ready for the big time after doing a photo shoot and having pictures taken. It was just the beginning…

Miss Forbidden was my first pageant and I spent over $100 on the wrong makeup from Sephora because I thought I knew what I was doing. The make up was horrible… gawd was it awful. I was so nervous! And looking back did everything the wrong way! Haha. By the end of the night I look like a man who got splash with paint on my face. Not to mention the performance was a hot mess:

I went on to do other pageants and listen to what other people were telling to do. But I thought I knew it all and looked like a hot mess. I had a look like this:

Hot stuff.. with a little help from Barbra Seville.

Then somewhere I got lost in translation to start using foundation but not the right color foundation. I felt a little light about it. Haha!

Party like a white girl!

Who said that you had a have the same color foundation with the same color skin… so I went on to do FantaSHE’s Amateur Drag contest. I won! But I think I still refused to listen and do the right thing.

I was still a little bright… Hehe. But the dress was pretty.

I went on to do the March for Equality where Barbra Seville saw that I really needed help. I was the Fresh Face for the month of April in her show at Forbidden Nightclub. She got me in touch with Chantelle Douglas that helped me with putting my face together and getting the right materials and what I should get to complete my look. She painted and I just had to remember how to do it for myself.

Things got much better as I listened to things that Barbra has suggested and told me to do. I learned a lot and as things started getting better I started getting more bookings and such.

I went on to participate in Barbra Seville’s Newcomer of the Year which seemed like a really big challenge. I participated in most of them as they would felt one step closer but was my biggest critic. I finally won Barbra Seville’s Newcomer of the Year – BS West. Damn!  Got bookings, kept taking the advice of those that are wise and have more experience than me as the bookings increased.

I did the NOH8 Campaign photo shoot when Adam Bouska came to town:

Appeared in ION AZ Magazine, for the “Pets in the City” issue.


I appeared in a couple of publications, participated in a lot of fundraiser shows and had so much fun. Then came the finale of Barbra Seville’s Newcomer of the Year. I decided to break it out of the box and do something different.

It was great and the first time that I stepped out of my comfort zone of music… I did “Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson with videos and everything.

Shortly afterward there were plenty of bookings and I got together with my sisters Chanel Knowles and Victoria K. Bacon to form — OPEN WIDE PRODUCTIONS! It was a month venture at Forbidden but I can’t wait to do it again at The Rock on January 19th at 9 pm.

I had fun at Sedona Pride. It was a blast! An experience that I will never forget.

Special thanks to the people who have helped me a long the way:

  • Barbra Seville – Thanks for showing the ropes and introducing me to showbiz and the discipline it takes to get better and continue getting better. And the art of not wearing torn hosiery! & thanks for being honest and introducing me to great people.
  • Brian S. Linger – Thanks for letting me ask you so many questions and helping my put together my persona and still helping me today.
  • Chantelle Douglas – Thanks for showing me how to paint my face. I’m still learning. Look forward to working with you again soon.
  • Eryka Douglas Knowles – Thank you for your continued support and taking me under your wing and showing me the way. I can’t for things to shine in 2011.
  • Chanel Knowles – You are getting better everyday. I’m glad that I have a sister like you.
  • Victoria K. Bacon – Another sister that believes in the art, there is no other… Work out your 8-mile vagina.
  • Pandora DeStrange – Thanks for believing in me and believing in Open Wide Productions. You are a person that everyone should get to know and appreciate.
  • Savannah Steven & Michelle Tatum – Thank for the chance to appear in your shows and FantaSHE’s. It has been amazing!
  • Afeelya Bunz – You are hilarious! You are fun! Thanks for being helpful!
  • Patricia Mason – Thanks for always being so positive with me and helping me out with suggestions. I appreciate them all. You are a part of my LoveySquad always!
  • Scottie Stone-Jervis – Thanks being the best husband in the world. You encouraged me to do drag and I know we have always had our ups and downs but thanks for sharing every bit of this journey with me.

I know that there are so many people that have helped me but trust you are not forgotten or underappreciated whatsoever!

I am definitely looking forward to 2011! Thank you again for your love and support!

— Felicia Minor