Hey there dolls!

Today was a good day! I started off by charging off to Charlies in Phoenix. They hosted Barbra Seville‘s Wonderful 100 team meet up and breakfast. It was great. I was on orange juice detail. Hehe. After a big team rally, we headed off to the Light Rail.

I had never taken the Light Rail before. It was an interestingly positive experience & I would not be afraid to try it again.

We did the walk and it was fun. It was a great time to connect with people and talk with people. I did the walk with my best-drag-hag, friend & teammate, Amanda! It was a great time and to find out that our team altogether had raised over $17,000. It was truly amazing and inspiring. It was great.

My drag-hag Amanda & I at AIDS Walk Phoenix 2010

Then I headed off to Rainbows Festival with my family. I was talking with some folks and meeting folks. Letting them know about Dragtini: the kick off party for Open Wide Productions! As a reminder, it is Wednesday, October 13 at 10 PM in the Showroom at Forbidden Nightclub! We have a night of surprises, entertainment, etc! Fun times!

I want to thank all of you that have donated & sponsored me for the AIDS Walk Phoenix this year. I also still owe all my gratitude to you for your love & support!

The World in F Minor!
– Felicia Minor ❤