Upcoming event: YOUR Wednesday night conversation, Let’s Have A Fefe, is back!

We took a week off because I was moving last week. I think that the dust will start to settle a bit from the move for us to resume broadcast this week for an all-new episode of Let's Have A Fefe with Felicia "Fefe" Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming.

Upcoming event: Join Felicia “Fefe” Minor & Freddy Prinze Charming for YOUR Wednesday night conversation on Let’s Have A Fefe

Join Mister USofA MI Classic Freddy Prinze Charming and me for an all-new episode of Let's Have A Fefe on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. Arizona time.

Let’s Have a Fefe (S2 E26) – Outta Control with Fefe & Freddy | #LetsHaveAFefe

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th! xoxoxo

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E19)

Episode 19: Cast of Child of the 70's web series (Michael Vaccaro, Leo Forte) and more.

Supernova Sundays: Shining Star

Happy #SupernovaSunday! Blessed is the day!

TAG ME and tell me about your supernova shining star moments of the week. I'd love to hear about your shining moments of last week either on Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #supernovasunday!

Sexy Lovey Saturday: Yes or No?

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DIVA Thursday!

VOTE on Thank Gaga It’s Friday!

Thank Gaga It's Friday! Speaking of Gaga... VOTE FOR Glenn Storm to be the GAGA VIP Blogger! Uh...sounds like a BIG DEAL cause IT IS! http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a96d82e7d411436c6b524a2800b2f801/168 Click the link and tell your friends! ♥ Related Articles YouTube Gets Fans Closer To Lady Gaga (webpronews.com)