Upcoming event: Democracy Night with Drag Story Hour Arizona, hosted by Damián Preciado

I am excited for a special night of discussion and story hour with the Democracy Night with Drag Story Hour - Arizona with Sassy Charming Diazz, Freddy Prinze Charming and me. This event will be hosted by Damian Preciado.

Upcoming event: Juneteenth edition of Drag Story Hour, hosted by Sassy C. Diazz

Join Sassy Charming Diaz for a Juneteenth Celebration of Drag Story Hour - Arizona on Fri., June 19 at 5 p.m. Arizona time/PDT. Freddy Prinze Charming and I will be reading selections of our own alongside here. It's going to be a day of celebrating Black freedom and excellence. Be sure to tune in at https://www.facebook.com/dragstoryhour.az/.

Photos: Drags with a Dream, benefitting NAACP of Tucson, at The Screening Room

LOVES!! Had a fabulous time helping raising money for the NAACP Tucson Branch tonight at The Screening Room hosted by Dee Latcher-Diaz & Mia Inez Adams — and an amazing cast! 💖🥰

Video: Onesie Party! It’s 2020! – Let’s Have A Fefe

The first episode of the new decade, new year -- and we had no sound for the first 15 minutes. So it was like a silent show. And not a surprise when it comes to our show, but we were a little caught off guard. Teddy Michael & Sassy C Diaz joined us again for our annual onesie extravaganza. We talked about goals for the year, pageantry and more!