Let’s Have A Fefe (S2 E1) – Premiere

AND WE'RE BACK! The premiere of season two was not as big as Ricki Lake's plate at Thanksgiving but it sure was a big deal to us! Back on the couch, we let those that didn't know that were not in the arms of another studio and working developing our own. The tip was subtle and Freddy doesn't like when people engaged in drooling on each other intimately. A man with 132 lbs was the topic of our discussion for a minute, as we asked ourselves how he walked.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th! xoxoxo

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E29)

What a fun night before the fourth of July! Whooo!

Taking a moment…

I want to take a moment to thank everyone that has been a strong supporter of me and everything I do. We live sometime, day by day and forget what has been given to us as a gift.


Not safe for work or family-friendly environments. Check this week's sexy people of the week!

Let’s Have A Fefe (S1 E28)

Let's Have a Fefe (S1 E28)

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E27)

Let's Have a Fefe (S1 E27)

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E26)

Let's Have a Fefe (S1 E26)

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E25)

Let's Have a Fefe (S1 E25)


Introducing Nico... on #SEXYLOVEYSATURDAY.

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E24)

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E23)

With special guest and trans comedienne Dina Martinez (www.dinamartinez.com).

#SoulfulSunday: Family Time

It's been awhile since I've seen the girls, Shelbi & Emmalee.

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E22)

Thai Rivera guest stars on Let's Have a Fefe

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E21)

It was a great night, an imitate night of just Freddy and I.

#Beautiful Monday

Such a #beautiful Monday to download #beautiful music by Mariah Carey and Miguel.

Shots from Last Night

Some shots from the show last night! Amazing night!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

My friends at WhiteyTighties.com have gone "loco!" With sales on underwear for $5.55!

Happy Weekend from WhiteyTighties.com

Happy Weekend from my friends at WhiteyTighties.com

Let’s Have a Fefe (S1 E20)

Episode 20: A fun and furry episode featuring Beth from Ohana Animal Rescue.